Sand and grit blasting experts in Antrim



Years of experience

With over 40 years of experience in grit blasting and protective coatings, McLean Protective Coatings are well placed to provide expert paint inspection services for commercial and industrial clients in Ireland and the UK.

Modern protective coatings can achieve performances that were previously only dreamt of, extending the time to first maintenance and offering an exceptional lifespan even in the most challenging environments.

To maximise the performance of any coating, McLean Protective Coatings believe that it is vital that the recommendations of the manufacturer and the conditions of the specification are carefully followed.

As such, we are proud to employ an in-house Institute of Corrosion accredited Level 3 painting inspector, who is available on all jobs. Our inspector carefully monitors all aspects of surface preparation and the application of the coating. Surveys and specifications can be provided.

Over 30 years of experience

Specialist Fields

Using specialist coatings to protect outdoor elements such as sculptures, machinery parts and steel structures is essential to increase the longevity and protect against corrosion.

Regular Testing

Inspecting Your Machinery

Unexpected downtime and loss of functionality on industrial machinery can be catastrophic for a company. By getting the team at McLean Protective Coatings to regularly carry out inspection testing plans that are bespoke to your needs, you could save thousands in repairs and replacements each year.

Coating Services

Choose The Right Coating

Our team are experts in their field, and will happily advise you of the recommendations and limitations of each option available to you. We work alongside industry standards for all business types, meaning our solutions are suitable for everything from highways to oil and gas networks.