Bead Blasting by McLean Protective Coatings


Used alongside other traditional blasting techniques including grit and sand, bead blasting is the ideal solution for cleaning, surface finishing and general cleaning of tarnished metals and components. McLean Protective Coatings are based in Antrim and happy to travel to your place of work.


Architectural Finishing

Originally set up as a sandblasting (or gritblasting or shotblasting) company over 42 years ago, McLean Protective Coatings have extensive experience in blast cleaning an array of surfaces, from industrial steel and manufactured items, to decorative metals and delicate brick and woodwork.

Based on this experience we have great pride in our architectural finishing service, using our most skilled craftsmen to work on the most delicate of items and materials to achieve a flawless decorative finish.

Our team will pair one of our blast machines – we have an extensive range of specialist blast machines of varying sizes – with a carefully selected abrasive from our range of specialist media, ensuring that we achieve optimum results. We are pleased to offer bespoke finishes for architectural purposes, whether to reclaim an original feature or material, give a specified finish to a newly fabricated item, or provide instant aging or a distressed look to new materials.

In 2020 we invested in a dedicated glass bead blast room at our workshop near Ballymena, where stainless steel can be blasted to achieve a matt finish after the fabrication has been completed. By choosing this process, you remove the risk of your fabrication suffering from welding ‘smoke’, painted marks and other visual imperfections.