Antrim & Surrounding Areas


We were pleased to have provided coating inspection and consultancy services for the protective coatings utilized in various industries, including manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and food, in our past projects.


Restoring Architectural Elegance Through Glass Bead Blasting

McLean Protective Coatings recently undertook a prestigious project aimed at restoring the architectural elegance of a historic building’s ornamental stainless steel features. Leveraging our expertise honed over 42 years, initially as a sandblasting company and now as specialists in architectural finishing, we were entrusted with the delicate task of rejuvenating the intricate stainless steel elements.

The project involved meticulously refurbishing the weathered and dull stainless steel components, which had lost their luster over the years. Our highly skilled craftsmen meticulously prepped the surfaces, ensuring that the process would enhance rather than compromise the intricate details of the original design.


Comprehensive Coating Solutions for Industrial Machinery Protection

McLean Protective Coatings recently spearheaded a comprehensive coating project for a prominent manufacturing facility, emphasizing our commitment to delivering high-quality services at cost-effective rates. Our objective was to safeguard the facility’s machinery and infrastructure from corrosive chemicals and potential fire hazards.

Our expert team assessed the specific requirements of the manufacturing facility, taking into account the nature of the environment and the materials being utilized. We meticulously planned and recommended a tailored range of coatings to optimize protection and longevity. The coatings encompassed a spectrum of applications, including shop front panels, roof coatings, stainless steel protection, and intumescent coatings designed to provide fire resistance.