Antrim & Surrounding Areas


We are delighted to offer a coating inspection and consultancy service for the protection coatings used in industries such as manufacturing, fabrication, construction and food.


Inspection & Consultancy

With over 35 years of experience in grit blasting and protective coatings, the team at McLean Protective Coatings are well placed to provide expert paint inspection services to companies in Antrim and the surrounding areas. All of our reports are carefully tailored to the needs of the client, with each report clearing setting out the facts, giving vital details that are needed to keep them up to date and well informed about the project and how it is progressing.

Daily diary entries, surface profile records, coating thickness readings, statistical analysis and photographs can all be included in our reports. The significance of each area is carefully explained to allow your business to gain value from the project and you can take advantage of our expert knowledge.


Inspection & Consultancy

Our inspection and consultancy services work to the terms set out in various standards such as ISO 8501, ISO 8502, ISO 12944 and ISO 2063 amongst others, but our work doesn’t stop there. The professional contractors who work for us at McLean Protective Coatings are invested in truly understanding the products and coatings that we supply.

With over 35 years of experience, we know our single pack primers from our polyamine 2 pack epoxy coatings, and constantly develop our technical knowledge. Many of the projects we complete are to combat the issue of corrosion, and we believe that a sound understanding of the corrosion process is the best way to prevent further issues. By finding the cause, we can provide our clients with a lasting and economical solution that will stand tall for years to come. If you’re based in Antrim and would like assistance with fireproofing or assessing the sustainability of your current protective coatings through paint inspections, please get in touch.